If you are in a discipleship relationship, the topic of sexual purity must be addressed.  For many men, and especially young men, pornography is a major issue.  This video explains why pornography can be addictive.  This video addresses the science, not the spiritual side of pornography, the issue of “developing good habits” to replace bad ones is definitely a discipleship principle of spiritual growth!

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"Keep knocking and the joy inside will eventually open a window and look out to see who’s there" - rumi

I think it is the best quote to try and describe me and my past porn addiction. It was a hard road and now I can feel that I am a new person. I know you have been used to see some adult pics around, but this stops for me now. Instead of other things to say I want to recommend people that are looking for a way out of pornography addiction This was my wake up call and the solution to my problem.

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This is true. I know as I have been in that situation were I couldn’t see that I was hurting myself and people around with my addiction..

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What if we were all honest?


Like, what if my dad could admit he had a gambling problem? We’ve seen the computer history, we know he’s at it again. What if my brother could admit he had a pornography problem? I’ve seen it on his phone. What if my other brother could admit he drinks and smokes pot? I heard he does from…

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